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Learn and Review

Well Versed keeps track of verses you are learning and verses you already know. Tap a verse in your list and study it with one of the built-in study tools. When you’re finished, swipe to see the next verse in your list.

Choose Any Verse or Verse Sequence

Add your favorite verses to your study list. Well Versed has quick access to popular verses grouped by topic. Browse the Old and New Testaments and choose any verse you like. In the Bible browser select adjacent verses and add the the verses as a single entry in your study list. For example, Romans 10:9-10.

Multiple Ways To Memorize

Well Versed has three study tools. Choose from Flip, Hint and First Letter. Flip between the verse reference and verse text. Try to say the verse with only the first word as a hint. Tap the Hint button to reveal the next word in the verse. Study the verse using only the first letter of each word. Use a different tool each day to reinforce your progress.